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Works of Mercy

Works of Mercy

Sunday, May 10, 2020
6:00 PM

“The quality of mercy is not strained;
it droppeth as the gentle rain  from  Heaven.”
~ William Shakespeare

Each Mother’s Day, we celebrate the people and the uniquely caring qualities we associate with those who ‘mother and nurture’ us. Shakespeare’s famous mercy quote pictures for us the gentle quality, the soft touch, of mercy. Though, in fully understanding mercy, we must realize this virtue has several extremely important elements that must be united, to recognize an act as merciful.

The first element is nearly immediate and the easy part of mercy … feeling sorrow for another’s difficulty. This is easy because our hearts are naturally moved by the plight of so many that we see all around us.

The second element is more challenging … to be merciful, our sorrow must be joined with some practical step to relieve the stress we witness.

The third element isn’t nearly as concrete, since it is something beyond our complete understanding, something of a mystery … intervention of divine spirit. This is the moment of grace that transforms us into compassionate people, who are merciful and love mercy.

As part of our service we will be introduced to lives reflecting ‘mercy made visible.’ In hearing and listening, we have an opportunity to experience a ‘merciful resonance’– between these stories and our experiences. And, we will all be invited to include our works-of-mercy-made-visible as part of a creative quilt design. MERCI, me!

Join Us for a Mother’s Day Evening Tea Following the Service

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