Tranquility with Tea - Where Have All The Bugs Gone

Sunday, April 23, 2023
6:00 PM

As part of our Earth Day celebration this year, we will welcome Steve Harley, whose enthusiastic interest in insects began at 18 years of age with collecting butterflies. In this lifelong passion, he has collected specimens from all of the world’s continents except Antarctica.

With a wealth of spare time in retirement, Steve re-entered Clemson to study entomology, having now completed nearly all courses through the PhD level. During his studies, he gained a keen understanding of all insect orders, leading him to an intense concern for the global ‘Insect Apocalypse.’

As part of his reflection, Steve will share with us more about the massive decrease in insect numbers, which is occurring worldwide. Where, in our own community of Spartanburg County, the main culprit is development and the bulldozing of forests and meadows. Perhaps we will recognize these words of singer, song writer Joni Mitchel, “They paved paradise to put up a parking lot.”

Steve Harley, retired as physician and orthopedic surgeon, specializing on surgery of the spine, after 41 years in practice. He continues his entomology studies toward his PhD.

A portion of the offering collected has been designated for Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve – honoring Steve for sharing his creative energy as part of the service on this evening.