Tranquility with Tea - African American Spirituality

Sunday, March 26, 2023
6:00 PM

African American Spirituality reflects a story of survival and resilience as well as resistance and protest. Stories conveying a profound and defiant expression of faith, unyielding in their message for both spiritual and physical liberation. And, while the words and melody of spirituals, conveyed biblical themes offering a means of dealing with deepest despair and disappointment, they also portrayed a hopeful assurance that enslaved Africans would one day be free.

Today, spirituals continue to resonate with the black Christian community. Their words and melodies contribute to the embodiment of an historic legacy, sharing an invitation to deeply reflect on God’s particular involvement in the life of the African American community.

As part of this Lenten service, we will listen to a story of survival and resilience. Hear the words and melodies of spirituals that for centuries conveyed despair and disappointment. Be encouraged by a theology and heritage that remembers God’s sustaining power.