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Tranquility with Tea

Tranquility with Tea

Sunday, July 26, 2020
6:00 PM

Hokahe! was a battle-cry used by the Sioux, most notably by the Sioux Leader Crazy Horse to exhort his troops charging into battle. The literal Dakota dialect translation … “It’s a good day to die!” Meaning that Hokahe! was to live in such a way that one has done all that one should, upon one’s last day … so indeed, it is a good day to die. Today, the word is used when starting a ride, taking off on a determined adventure or as a way to say, “Let’s go!” From the first day of Life, we begin our journey toward Death … perhaps that should be a sentiment shared at everyone’s birth!

Because Death and Life are two sides of the same coin, one does not exist without the other. As part of life’s journey, each time we surrender and trust dying, the faith we claim, is led to a deeper level, uncovering a larger Self beneath. And as such, this becomes an altering moment, one recognized by Christians, Buddhists, other religions and nature, as a trustworthy pattern of resurrection … viewing death as transformative rather than death as an avoidance. This lesson is a visible one for learning, by everyone, everywhere and through all times … the necessity for letting go of something that is smaller, so that something bigger can happen.

As part of the service, we will hear more about the transition from life-to-death. Concentrating on the necessity of working through conversations and stories, being able to express fully both forgiveness and love and how these contribute to the conundrum of experiencing a good death. Which can affirm for all of us … that we only know what life is, when we know what death is.

A portion of the offering collected has been designated for The Hospice Home in Spartanburg – honoring those sharing their creative energy as part of the service.

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