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Tranquility With Tea

Sunday, July 25, 2021
6:00 PM

Since Mindfulness has to do with being AWARE of the moment … being in the MOMENT – we must remind ourselves that being present does not only apply to good times or pleasant times. We face moments of sadness, anger, and distress as well. And, if we are being fully mindful, then we must be present to those moments, too.

These are inescapable emotions … we lose things, we do not get what we want, we realize that friends, family and, we, ourselves are flawed as humans. As part of our service, we will be aware of such feelings, as we consider … Can we still practice mindfulness when life presents such moments? Do we try to avoid being ‘mindful,’ when life presents these less than stellar realizations? What might we learn from this awareness of the moment?

Our Prayerful Meditation and Contemplation will be created and shared by Carol McCulloch.

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