The Women of Easter

Sunday, April 9, 2023
6:00 PM

In the telling of the Easter story, the spotlight shines on the twelve disciples and several other male followers of Jesus.  However, throughout the Gospels, the writers acquaint us with two groups, who were the prominent followers of Jesus… the twelve men and the women.

The twelve, we know, were hand-picked by Jesus to become his closet companions and to, symbolically, represent the twelve tribes of Israel.  While the exact number is never actually identified, the women disciples welcomed Jesus into their homes, financed his ministry and studied his teachings.  Their understanding of his teachings was reflected in their support and in their demonstration of devotion and faithfulness.

In John’s Gospel, we read that Jesus’ prediction, about most of the twelve abandoning him at this death, was fulfilled.  The women, however, remained by his side through his death, burial, and resurrection.  And one of these women has been acknowledged as the first apostle… when she arrived at the tomb, found the stone rolled aside, encountered an angel, then ran to share the Good News with other followers of Jesus.

During our service, we will meet and hear from some of the women so often, take ‘a back seat.’  In dramatic readings which will include prose, poetry, and music, the women will share with us the sacred and sweet sorrow culminating in the Easter story of love, grace, and hope.