shepherd with sheep

The Good Shepherd

Sunday, March 14, 2021
6:00 PM

Sometimes we are the Shepherd. Sometimes we are the Sheep.

“How” you ask, can this be? Since most of us will never be shepherds in the literal since and we certainly aren’t sheep! … Or, are we?

By substituting the word ‘steward,’ we might gain a more contemporary understanding of the flexibility of these images. As stewards, we are ‘part and parcel’ of the intricacies of nature – one of God’s many creatures – all incarnated in the likeness of, being cared about and cared for by our Creator. And, as stewards, we are also entrusted to lead, guide, nurture and preserve God’s wonderful creation … tending to the weakest, the most vulnerable … as guardians of the earth and all inhabitants for future generations.

Our prayerful meditation and contemplation, created  and offered by Gail McCormick and Trish Tolstedt, will consider the flexibility and fluidity of being good Stewards however we recognize the image as Shepherd or Sheep.

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