The Beatitudes of Mercy, Meekness & Peace Making

Sunday, September 25, 2022
6:00 PM

Friend, Theresa Horton, who has created and will share our Reflection for the first Tranquility With Tea service, during our 25th Anniversary Jubilee Year.

The word Beatitude means not only Blessing but Happiness. As a major part of his ministry, Jesus brought us both. The Beatitudes show us how to receive them. As part of this service, Theresa will share her knowledge of Aramaic – the language used during Jesus’ time, her creativity and gift of chanting, as we learn more about three of the Beatitudes, found in Matthew’s Gospel. Using readings from Neil Douglas-Klotz, sounds of Aramaic as a platform, movement and chant, Theresa will guide us through a deeper understanding of the Blessings – Mercy, Meekness and Peace Making.

Theresa’s studies with Douglas-Klotz, along with her personal, 30-year independent study, plus her facility with languages, humor, infectious enthusiasm, and deep personal spirituality… will all contribute to a uniquely bountiful service. If you have as much happiness in your life as you can manage, then joining us for this service… you will find yourself blessed with more!