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Original Blessing

Original Blessing

Sunday, August 9, 2020
6:00 PM

35 years ago or so, Matthew Fox’s book, Original Blessing, was published. It unwinds a rather adventuresome and usually-considered-new-religious paradigm. Though in reality, it is not really new. Instead, it is the ages-old, often forgotten and sometimes condemned spiritual traditional of creation-centered thinking.

This is a spiritual tradition teeming with life, viewing life from a universe-centered perspective rather than regarding the world in terms of only human values and experiences. It is a way of thinking that emphasizes the spiritual practice of beauty, inviting us to see the Christ of the Gospels as the one who demonstrates the essence of a beautiful life.

Being re-exposed to a creation-centered tradition, re-labeled Creation Spirituality, we are offered a common language and a common ground on which to stand. An amazing gathering place for those whose passion has been touched by the issues of our day and for folks, who are eager to have their spiritual experiences updated or rejuvenated or spelled out.

As part of our service we will consider the four paths of life that we all negotiate – Befriending Creation, Befriending Darkness, Befriending Creativity and Befriending New Creation. And, when we reflect on this cycle of living, we realize that the universe itself … blessed and graced – is the proper starting point for spirituality. Original Blessing is prior to any sin … original or less than original.

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