Sunday, May 14, 2023
6:00 PM

Stop and think about things that are swaddled… a corn cob in the husk, peas in a pod, nuts in their shells or fragile items tucked into bubble-wrap.

The idea of swaddling babies has been practiced for literally thousands of years. Possibly originating in Central Asia around 4000 BC and spreading through nomadic trading to Eurasia. Artwork from Cyprus and Crete, along with pottery icons of swaddled infants during antiquity, support this ancient origin. Though as a modern-day practice, swaddling an infant is not nearly as prevalent.

As part of our service, we will touch on the literal meaning of swaddling as well as gaining insight from a metaphorical understanding. Reaffirming how the act of swaddling provides a sense of warmth and comfort, along with security and belonging. Perhaps we will find that gathered together, in our S.T.A.R. circle, is one way to swaddle ourselves. Then, we will learn a variety of ways to do the same for those we love and others needing to experience the same sort of space.