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We are now Live on Zoom for our 2nd Sunday Services. Sign up for our newsletter to get the link.

Portraits Over the Years
Sue Perrin

video by Marylin Green

February 23-25, 2024 STAR Labyrinth

a call to connection
for celebrating creation

For 25 years, the S.T.A.R. Community has been creatively sharing ways to celebrate the awe, wonder, messiness and infinite possibilities we confront in creation.


2nd Sunday

Be filled to overflowing with a creative charge and dynamic sense of being part of God’s creation through dance, song, drama and art, poetry and prose. These gatherings offer a time of worship, invitations for soul-rejuvenation that create time away from the busyness of our everyday world.

4th Sunday

By sharing a sip of bitter green tea, we offer quiet reminders of the ongoing need for balance and harmony in our lives. Space is created for our souls to catch up through prayful reflection centering on a symbol, idea, reflection or need. These services incorporate portions from the Zen Buddist Tea Ceremony.

Sacred Traditions And Rituals embraces the 12 Principles of Creation Spirituality shared by numerous other Creation Spirituality Communities. These Principles are reflected in the life of S.T.A.R. as well as our regularly schedule services on the 2nd and 4th Sunday evenings of each month at 6pm.

From the very first year, S.T.A.R. has been an all embracing community offering an invitation of spiritual hospitality. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to share their creative and spiritual energy.

Our creation-centered friends and artists, dancers, musicians, writers, story-tellers, poets, earth-caregivers, theologians and celebrators of creation.

All help in designing and are participants in our service.

Services are held in the Fellowship Hall of the Central United Methodist Church on
233 North Church Street in Spartanburg, SC at 6pm. Please subscribe to our
newsletter of more details.

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